Instaprime Pump solutions for dewatering and wellpoint systems, including dry prime pump, trash pump, wellpoint pump, sewage bypass pump, dewatering pump, and portable diesel pump.
NINE U.S. PATENTS, including those on our:
New Impeller, Adjustable Wear Plate, Trailer Track Bar, Power Back Flush, Vacuum Pump, Priming Tank and Float Valve. Two Australian Patents. Canadian Patents Pending also. EU PCT Patents Pending and Published

InstaPrime provides the solution for wellpoint pump, trash pump, sewage bypass pump, dry prime pump, portable pump, diesel powered pump, sludge pump, centrifugal pump, emergency pump, dewatering pump, vacuum primed pump, barge cleaning pump, oil transfer pump, oil skiming pump, and pollution clean up pump applications.

Users who want the advantages of a broad range of pumping applications, ease of use, along with highly reliable performance . . . turn to InstaPrime.

InstaPrime pumps are known for their versatility of use in a wide range of critical pumping applications that require high performance and reliability, along with low operating and maintenance costs.

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